Rue anemone

Nine Days. Nine Iconic Preserves.

A letter from our executive director

Our hearts go out to all who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We at CILTI want to provide you with useful content that may raise your spirits. One constant in the midst of uncertainty is nature, which offers a healthy way to lose yourself for a while.

To support you in this challenging time, today we are kicking off a series of short e-newsletters to share some of Indiana’s most iconic places with you.

These are alternatives to overcrowded popular parks that take you off the beaten path to find glimpses of spring. Over the coming days, we’ll point you to nine out-of-the-way gems—listed from south to north to track warmer weather’s progress—that let you see the way spring has arrived in the Hoosier state for centuries.

There’s no denying the power of nature to soothe the spirit. Whether you can visit these places personally or just take an armchair tour, we hope these short profiles brighten your week.

Nature Preserve #1: Twin Swamps, Posey County
Spring flows into these exotic swamplands bearing vibrant swamp buttercups, violets, Virginia bluebells and rue anemone. In late spring, you’ll see rare featherfoil, an aquatic plant that releases blossoms to float. Pause on the boardwalk, and birds likely will land right next to you.

“Up north, deep south”: For more information about this unique preserve that is owned by the Indiana DNR, click here.

​May you find solace in nature, wherever you are.

Be well,


Cliff Chapman

Cliff Chapman

President and CEO

As CILTI’s President and CEO, Cliff keeps CILTI’s focus on good science and stewardship. He’s mindful that the natural places you love took thousands of years to evolve and could be destroyed in a single day, and that knowledge drives his dedication to their protection.