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The Year that Was

It’s no secret that the difficult events of 2020 spurred, for many, a greater connection to the natural world. That connection was reflected in monetary support for land protection. As we look back at “the year that was,” we are still overwhelmed by the level of generosity shown our organization.

Despite all the uncertainty and upheaval, you—our members—really stepped up your support for land protection in Central Indiana. Some indicated that, even though your incomes had taken a hit, you wanted to give what you could. And many of you eloquently shared your “why” with us:

Preserving land for nature to exist is our greatest legacy to the children of the future. If the Earth is safe for the smallest things it will be safe for humans. (James T.)

Our world needs its forests and wild places now more than ever, and I’m proud to help contribute to preserving the natural beauty of a place so dear to my family’s history. (Brian M.)

I love the natural world to my core; thus I have always supported and will continue to support CILTI’s tremendous work in preserving and restoring the land in Central Indiana. (Janice H.)

Tom and Priscilla Johnson, two long-time members, recorded their “why” earlier in the year. Tom is a volunteer and Priscilla serves on our board, and both have been instrumental in bringing more Johnson County land under protection. A short clip from that conversation:

We are so grateful to all of you for making our work possible. Though the future is uncertain, one thing we know for sure is how much you value the important work of land protection. We move into 2021 knowing how many people are in our corner, and that is worth everything.

Shawndra Miller

Communications Manager

Shawndra is in charge of sharing our story and connecting you to our work. Through our print and online materials, she hopes to inspire your participation in protecting special places for future generations.