Land Donations

A gift that lasts forever.

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Many of the properties protected by the Central Indiana Land Trust have been donated by generous landowners. Whether they give land as a direct gift or through a will, these donors know their properties will retain forever their natural qualities, historic or familial significance, and scenic or ecological value.

If the property in question fits with our conservation program goals, after receiving a land gift, the Central Indiana Land Trust creates a management plan that will ensure the ongoing stewardship of the property. For more information about donating land to the Central Indiana Land Trust and to see if your land is a fit for our program, contact Stephanie Paine Crossin at or 317-445-5855.

Before making a gift, a landowner should explore all available options and consult with his or her tax advisor. The Central Indiana Land Trust cannot give tax advice or legal counsel. Further information can be obtained through The Land Trust Alliance.

Why Work with CILTI?

By donating or selling land to the Central Indiana Land Trust, or by creating a conservation easement, you get the peace of mind of knowing that the land will be protected now and into the future. Through any of these options, the Central Indiana Land Trust can assist in the conservation of forests, wetlands, prairie, wildlife habitats, and farmland and protect the land’s natural integrity and scenic beauty. Once protection is in place, the Central Indiana Land Trust will provide management and monitoring to ensure that the lands remain in a natural state in perpetuity.