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Planned gifts are one of the best ways to demonstrate your values around conservation and create a legacy that protects nature for generations to come. Planned giving is different for everyone and can change to fit your needs and circumstances. Here are a few strategies for using planned gifts toward your legacy goals.

Gifts that create a legacy and provide future support: Wills, Bequests, and Beneficiaries

Wills and bequests

Many donors include CILTI in their will to create a legacy gift. A popular way to do this is by including suggested wording in a will, stipulating that a specific dollar amount or percentage of an estate will be donated to CILTI upon the donor’s passing.

Suggested bequest wording

Why give in this way?


Another way to include CILTI in your estate plans is to list CILTI as a beneficiary of part or all of a particular asset like an IRA, 401k, Donor Advised Fund, or insurance policy. Your financial institution can assist you with naming beneficiaries.

Why give in this way?

Gifts of Land

You can give land to CILTI through a variety of estate planning tools, such a bequest in a will or a retained life estate. To learn more about making a gift of land, visit our Land Donations page or contact Stephanie Paine Crossin at spainecrossin@conservingindiana.org or 317.445.5855.

Why give in this way?

Gifts that make a difference now

You may be interested in seeing your gift’s impact during your lifetime. You can use certain assets to make a difference now and take advantage of personal tax savings. These include gifts made from your IRA’s qualified charitable distribution (QCD), appreciated securities such as stocks, or a Donor Advised Fund. Learn more about these types of gifts.

Why give in this way?

We want to ensure that your planned gift creates the legacy you wish to make. If you have questions or want to discuss your planned giving strategy, we are here for you.

Please contact: Stacy Cachules, Chief Operating Officer, 317.441.0535, scachules@conservingindiana.org.

Have you already included CILTI in your estate plans?

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CILTI staff cannot provide legal or financial advice. We strongly encourage you to engage your own legal and financial council and talk to your family when making estate planning decisions.