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Hajji Hollow is an upland forest with beech, tulip, sugar maple, oak, and hickory trees. The forest offers a lovely spring display of wildflowers like firepink, Virginia bluebells, trillium, wood poppies, and phlox. Sycamores and other pioneering tree species shade the small creek that runs through the property.

History of the Property

Dr. Rainer Zangerl and his sons Carl and Art donated Hajji Hollow to CILTI in 2004. Dr. Zangerl was a paleontologist who wanted to protect this rugged forest that he and his wife had come to know and love. They named it Hajji Hollow due to its location near the small town of Mecca in Parke County. “Hajji” is Arabic for one who makes a pilgrimage to Mecca, which the Zangerls made to Hajji Hollow over the years.

Full Details
Accessibility Closed to the Public
Water Feature A small creek runs through the property.
Trails N/A
Parking N/A

Details on Access

This preserve is currently closed to the public because of access issues.

Current Weather

Fair, 40°F
S at 6 MPH