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Callon Hollow contains stands of white, black and red oak, shagbark hickory, American beech, and sugar maple. This property is home to many species of plants and animals, including worm-eating warblers, hooded warblers, and broad-winged hawks. All three of these bird species are listed as species of special concern in Indiana.

The property also supports a large population of spotted wintergreen, a species on the state watch list. Many amphibians, such as wood frogs, find safe harbor here as well.

Like the publicly accessible Laura Hare Preserve at Blossom Hollow, this preserve is part of the Hills of Gold conservation area, one of the most biodiverse forested areas in Indiana. Extending the protected acreage in the region expands habitat for crucial species.

History of the Property

These generous donors contributed to Callon Hollow’s protection: the Sam Shine Foundation, the Anonymous Fund of the Indianapolis Foundation, contributors to CILTI’s Evergreen Fund for Nature, and American Electric Power (AEP), Indiana Michigan Power’s parent company, under a legal settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, eight states, and 13 citizen groups. The land trust’s generous members and donors also supported this project.

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Accessibility Closed to the Public
Water Feature Tributary creeks flow into Earlham Lake
Trails N/A
Parking N/A

Details on Access

This property is closed to the public because of access limitations.

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Fair, 37°F
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