Cliff Chapman and Mr. Grinch at closing

Whoville-area property preserved for education and recreation


Rugged landscape donated to CILTI, opened to visitors for first time

Mount Crumpit and adjacent lands outside Whoville have been sold to the Central Indiana Land Trust, Inc. (CILTI) so they may be protected in perpetuity. Landowner The Grinch agreed to the sale in the wake of a cardiac episode that prompted him to consider how access to the land could benefit area residents.

Terms of the sale were not disclosed, but funds were made available by generous CILTI donors and the Whoville Conservation Trust, which was established to ensure the preservation of mythical, fantastical, and otherwise significant lands.

Mount Crumpit

A rugged landscape previously unwelcoming to visitors, the Mount Crumpit Conservation Area will allow access to unparalleled views of Whoville and to snowy slopes that descend to the town center. It will also provide visitors with opportunities to see rare and endangered species. Said CILTI President Cliff Chapman,

They’ll see red-breasted sleezles and hooded wamboozles,
They’ll learn all about migrating snoffoozles,
They’ll witness the rare full-flowering schnort
And perhaps even hear a warbling flort.

When he learned of the sale, the Mayor of Whoville exclaimed, “Fah who foraze!”

Over a dinner of roast beast, The Grinch explained that he plans to move from his cave on Mount Crumpit to a Whoville condo and wanted the property to be stewarded for the benefit of future generations of Whos. Having recently read about CILTI’s role in the protection and preservation of thousands of acres of important and treasured properties in Indiana, he reached out to Chapman.

“Transactions like this are only possible because of the generous support of our donors,” said Chapman. “We are grateful for their faith and their dedication to preserving Indiana’s natural places, and we wish them all a safe, healthy, and delightful holiday season with family and friends.”

Wishing a happy holiday to all! We are so grateful for the continued support.

Jen Schmits Thomas

Media Relations

An award-winning communicator and recognized leader in Central Indiana’s public relations community, Jen helps us tell our story in the media. She is the founder of JTPR, which she and her husband John Thomas own together.