Tree planting in Parke County

An Antidote to Bad News

Your actions make a difference!

A letter from our executive director

Everywhere we turn these days, we hear bad news about the state of the world. When it comes to the environment, things seem particularly dire. Habitat loss. Species extinction. The climate crisis. When you care about the natural world, the news can feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. Taking action is the antidote. You probably do many things in your daily life to help the natural world. For all the ways you care for the environment, we thank you.

And we want you to know that your steadfast support of CILTI—through a global pandemic, no less—is making a difference.

Here at CILTI, we truly believe that by acting locally, we can be part of global change for the better. And YOU are making that possible.

With every acre of land protected and every tree planted, you have a powerful impact. Because each acre (and each sapling) goes right to work. Cleaning the air we all breathe and the water we all drink. Absorbing floodwaters. Providing food and habitat for wildlife. Even cooling the planet. Not to mention bolstering the human spirit!

Together, we take action to make a difference—one that lasts forever. Thank you, again, for making this work a priority.

Be well,

Cliff Chapman

Executive Director, Central Indiana Land Trust

​P.S. As the summer travel season ends, it’s a great time to offset the carbon of your travel miles with CILTI. Use our carbon calculator to learn how many trees to plant, based on auto or air mileage. Your carbon-offset donation will get those saplings in the ground—a great way to make an immediate impact.

Cliff Chapman

President and CEO

As CILTI’s President and CEO, Cliff keeps CILTI’s focus on good science and stewardship. He’s mindful that the natural places you love took thousands of years to evolve and could be destroyed in a single day, and that knowledge drives his dedication to their protection.