Burnett Woods in spring

Road Trip: Hendricks County

We asked Megan Rhodehamel, a supporter who lives in Hendricks County, to recommend some attractions near Burnett Woods. She offered this guest post.

A visit to Burnett Woods on a crisp morning is a perfect way to start the day. Approaching the nature preserve from Dan Jones Road, pull into Ziggi’s Coffee for a warm drink, then park toward the back of the Light and Life Methodist Church parking lot.

Take a short walk across the church lawn towards the woods edge and the street, and the trailhead will appear, facing the street.  Once you’ve walked just a few yards into the preserve, the low hum of the surrounding commerce becomes almost imperceptible.  The trails are well tended and easy to walk, and once the short loop is done, it’s time for another activity!

While in the Avon area, check out all the amenities that Washington Township Park and Pecar Park have to offer. Pickleball, craft fairs and classes, and many programs designed for children are very popular and provide great community-building opportunities.

Misty Eyes Animal Shelter, 616 S. County Road 800 East, has open hours on weekends and might just have your next companion animal ready and waiting for you!  They also provide many programs and resources regarding our domesticated animal friends.

For more nature time, you can visit 13-acre Talon Stream Park in Plainfield with gorgeous views of the 48-mile-long White Lick Creek.

After a full morning of parks and exploring, it’s time for lunch ideas! There are many chain restaurants in the area. If you want to go off the beaten trail a bit, try Saanjh Indian Bazaar at 585 S. Dan Jones Road, 317-268-6489, or go towards Indianapolis and stop by Herrmann Brothers Brewpub at 7811 W. Morris Street. This pet-friendly pub offers 21 different varieties of beer and hosts many food trucks serving delicious pairings for their products.  Adam and Andrew Herrmann have brought their brewing passion to the westside, and the neighbors love it!

After hiking, crafting, eating, and drinking all around Burnett Woods, you can still get tickets for the Red Curb, a comedy club offering a variety of shows. Located at 8403 E. US Highway 36 in Avon, Red Curb also offers classes on comedy training and performer development. A playful theatre menu is also available during performances.  Tickets are very reasonably priced and can easily be purchased on their website.

A day exploring the westside of Indianapolis can be a fun outing for everyone in the family!  Start at Burnett Woods, and who knows where you might end up!

Megan Rhodehamel

Guest Blogger

A lifelong Hoosier with a strong interest in the outdoors, animals and plants, Megan feels lucky to be able to support CILTI in important conservation work.