Alex Stewart measuring slope grade using clinometer

Trailing Ahead at Betley Woods

Coming soon to a preserve near you: an incredible hiking experience. Yes, Betley Woods at Glacier’s End is getting topnotch trails! Our partners at the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF) received Next Level Trails funding from the state to build sustainable trails through this gorgeous preserve.

Our team helped plot out trail routes, working with IWF staff and premiere trail designer Alex Stewart.

This spring Spectrum Trail Design, Stewart’s company, started work on the project. Spectrum been lauded for high-quality trails in Brown County and beyond.

IWF is managing the project from design through installation, with a goal of creating a deep wilderness experience. Once the trail is complete and the preserve open, hikers will be able to venture down into the plunging ravines of the preserve. Bridges and stone crossings will traverse the bottomlands.

An additional one-mile loop trail will be accessible to all ages and abilities. It connects to the longer loop, offering everyone a chance to enjoy the preserve. Johnson County Community Foundation awarded the land trust additional funding for this trail.

We can’t wait to share this beautiful preserve with the public. Many thanks to our partners and supporters for collaborating on this project!

Shawndra Miller

Communications Manager

Shawndra is in charge of sharing our story and connecting you to our work. Through our print and online materials, she hopes to inspire your participation in protecting special places for future generations.