Land Trust plants first of 1 million trees

May 12, 2020

This week the Central Indiana Land Trust Inc. (CILTI) is planting 15,000 trees in Johnson and Parke counties. These are the first of CILTI’s 1 million trees being planted in Central Indiana and in addition to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s commitment to planting 1 million trees in the state over the next five years.

CILTI will plant 10,500 oak, hickory and other trees at its Glacier’s End Nature Preserve in Johnson County, and 4,500 at Mossy Point Nature Preserve in Parke County.

“Planting trees at such a large scale in a state that lost most of its forest in the 19th century will do more for our children and our state’s future than many of us can imagine,” said Cliff Chapman, executive director of CILTI. “Trees naturally scrub carbon from the air, helping to mitigate the negative impact airborne carbon has on our planet, and the increased forest lands will provide a home for endangered species, natural havens for Hoosiers and countless other invaluable benefits.”

The tree plantings are made possible by the Duke Energy Foundation, The Herbert Simon Family Foundation, the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program and members of the Central Indiana Land Trust.

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