Daugherty House

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Oliver Daugherty donated 53 acres to the Central Indiana Land Trust upon his death in 2009. Mr. Daugherty lived most of his life in the house located here, and his family owned the land since 1855. The farm stretched all the way to 96th Street. As the neighboring farm families sold to developers, Oliver’s parents resisted until Interstate 465 was constructed, cutting their farm in two parts.

After the interstate was built, the family developed the land north of 465 and leased the land east of Carmel Creek for gravel extraction. Mr. Daugherty was offered $14,000,000 for his 53 acres in 1992. After the City of Indianapolis purchased a conservation easement for the land east of Carmel Creek in 1998, he was offered $9,000,000 for the land west of Carmel Creek. He told an Indy Star reporter in 2003 that he didn’t sell because “the world didn’t need another shopping mall.”

The Daugherty House was in disrepair in 2009 but has seen many improvements since. It is now available for local nonprofit groups’ meetings and events. The Central Indiana Land Trust continues to be eternally grateful for Mr. Daugherty’s vision and generosity.