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White River Bluffs is situated at the far eastern edge of the Highland Golf and Country Club. This property represents one of the most scenic areas along the White River, with stunning views of the downtown skyline. Once it is open, visitors will be able to hike along bluffs rising some 85 feet above the river, where some of the oldest trees in Indianapolis display a wall of color each autumn. Bald eagles frequent the area and nest nearby.

The bluffs are giant gravelly outwash deposits formed by meltwaters of the receding glaciers 12,000 years ago. Protecting these steep riparian bluffs has wide-ranging impact, from reducing erosion to preserving native species habitat to improving water quality.

This nature preserve is not yet officially open to the public, but we look forward to sharing it with the community soon. Watch for an announcement about an upcoming grand opening.

History of the Property

Beginning in 2016, a dedicated group of concerned individuals and neighbors, co-led by Charley Grahn, came together and raised $2.7 million over four years to protect this incredible property. Grahn first contacted the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, which was interested but unable to take the lead in protecting the unique area. The state ultimately helped CILTI with a $50,000 grant toward the purchase through its Bicentennial Nature Trust.

More than 85 donors contributed gifts toward the purchase of the property from Highland.

Full Details
Accessibility Closed to the Public
Water Feature Scenic views of the White River
Trails N/A
Parking N/A

Details on Access

Coming soon!

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